Our research objectives

Why do young people from different nationalities and cultures participate in World Youth Day? What are their spiritual experiences during the event? What do they think about mission and about being a disciple of Christ when they look back on WYD?

Join in! With your help, the research team “Fascination World Youth Day” will take a closer look at these questions – before, during and after WYD in Rio de Janeiro. You are welcome to support our project with your ideas and reports!

This is how it works:

If everything goes as planned, you will join us for three interviews. For more detailed information about our time schedule, please take a look at the following table:

When? How? Where?
1 June 2013 Online questionnaire, additionally (if you like): Chat via social networks At home
2 July 2013 Online interviews, additionally (if you like): Face-to-Face interviews At home,
in Rio de Janeiro
3 July 2014 Online questionnaire, additionally (if you like): Chat via social networks At home

Any information you provide will, of course, remain anonymous.

Any questions?

You’re welcome! Write us an e-mail or post a comment right here on our website ...

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Bert Roebben Looking forward to the defense of your dissertation, Janieta! 03.12.16, 12:09:07
Miguel Uso minha pulseira até hoje! Pelos lugares que vou me perguntam se fui a jmj por que nela aparece o símbolo!! Grande iniciativa, parabéns!! 01.08.14, 20:48:24
Supi I recently found the card that you guys gave me when I answered your survey. It was really fascinating to see this research project. It was a pleasure to answer your questionnaire. God bless :) 02.03.14, 10:31:48
michael pasca l enjoyed to meet with many young cathoric in the world ,l was volunteer in thi event..l enjoyed to serve others.JMJ it unite us through jesus 30.01.14, 00:31:49
Jonathan Siqueira Obrigado por visitarem o Brasil, foi maravilhosa a visita de vocês a São Paulo, e a nossa ida ao RIO, ótimos momentos na nossa viagem até o RIO, amamos vocês . Fiquem com Deus Paz e Bem , e-mail : jonathansiqueira@outlook.com 19.09.13, 00:30:08
Taiane Amei conhecer o trabalho de vocês!!! O mundo precisa saber a força que a juventude católica tem. 22.07.13, 19:23:29
claudio seiji Caso queiram entrar em contato deixo meu e-mail - claudio.seiji@gmail.com - Se possivel as perguntas em portugues pois não sei falar alemão. Fiquem com DEUS 19.07.13, 17:48:37
claudio seiji Paz de Cristo, recebemos as pulseirinhas vindas de visitantes alemães em nossa paróquia . Muito obrigado Fiquem com DEUS 19.07.13, 17:47:19
TS_Sa I whish you all a wonderfull time in Rio! I would be so exited to hear from your experiences there! 18.07.13, 10:22:55
+++JMJ++++ They need an international world youth day each year! 03.07.13, 15:21:20